Cameo Thekla no Demetra (LV)

Red Tipped, BSHds11
Born 14 May 2018

Breeder:  Irina Dementjeva, Latvia

Mother:  IC Cameo Ismene no Demetra, BSHds11

Father:  WC Cameo Tacitus no Demetra, BSHds25

Blood type A (carrying b)
ALPS and PKD genetically free

HCM tested free 2019-03-06, 2020-10-01
Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Tritrichomonas tested free 2019-02-23, 2019-03-10
FeLV and FIV tested free 2019-02-22

Does not carry diluted, colourpoint or longhar genes

Judges comments:

"Rags" came to me in quite a haste from Irina in Latvia and was immediately prepared for the task of being a breeding queen.  She was very determined and has had two beautiful big litters.  Rags is now retired, but has still not had the time for showing off... 

Thank you Irina, for this lovely Princess!