No kittens are planned this year!

Welcome to send an email if you want to know about my future plans:

My cats are kept as beloved pets and the breeding is scarce.  A kitten will be sold by the FIFe rules and Swedish customer laws.  My cattery is registered with the Swedish and EU authorities, certifying the allowance to breed, import and export cats (SE 286480).   Every kitten comes with a pedigree and transfer (if requested).  They are dewormed and fully vaccinated, have had a veterinary check up and are insured.  The parents are genetically free from PKD and ALPS, have been tested for HCM, FeLV and FIV.  The cattery is regularly tested against Tritrichomonas Foetus, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Microsporum Felis.

My breeding queens and kings are pure silvers with no influence from golden.  They neither carry colourpoint or white spots genes.

With every litter sold, I give a contribution to the Amur Leopards.  Mark here to read more!