International Champion

SE*Tylökatten Basil

Black Tipped, BSHns11

8 July 2013 - 10 July 2017

Mother:  GIC LaChungita's Celebre, BSHns11

Father:  IC Adatesh Jezza Templegates (UK)


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Pedigree, mark here!

Blood type A (not carrying b)

PKD genetically free Langford VS 2014-11-07
 HCM tested freed2015-04-29, 2017-04-13 
FeLV and FIV tested free 2015-04-29
Does not carry diluted, chocolate, colourpoint or longhair genes

Judges comments:

Ex  short, strong body on sturdy legs
Ex  profile and broad face, ex  strong chin
Ex  open round eyes, ex  green with thick lining
Ex  ears
Ex  short and dense fur, ex  even tipping
Ex  perfect super short and thick tail
Ex  condition

Lovely - Beautiful ! 

Basil was the cat love of my life!

He was so affectionate and had such great personality.  He was an almost perfect "chinchilla" with dense, extremely short fur.  He had a round open face with a big broad muzzle.

Basil was also admired by friends, family and neighbours.  He greeted all on our daily walks on a leash. 

Unfortunately Basil had an unexpected reaction to the tranquilizing shot at his last HCM test.  A couple of weeks later he got a fatal change of personality and had to be put down. 

I miss him terribly!

Basil fathered The Fresh Prince in Bel Air Litter, 2016:

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SE*Tylökatten Carlton

SE*Tylökatten Jazz

He fathered The Anna Karenina Litter, 2015:

SE*Tylökatten Anna Karenina

SP SE*Tylökatten Alexej Vronskij