International Champion

Adatesh Jezza Templegates (UK)

Black Tipped, BSHns11

12 May 2008 - 17 May 2018
Mother:  Templegates Shmoo, BSHns11      Father:  Templegates Riley, BSHns11 

Breeder:  Ann & Harry Smith

Imported from Great Britain

Ann with Jezza in Scotland, 2012.  Photo:  H  Smith

"Jeff" was our first imported Brit and sold to us by Ann and Harry Smith.  He had the most amazing eye colour and very short crispy fur.  Jeff was cuddly and affectionate, living with my daughter.  Just a couple of days after his 10th Birthday at his annual veterinary check up and vaccination, the vet found fatal cancer in most of Jeffs scull.  He was promptly put out of his pain and is still sadly missed!

Jezza fathered The Fawlty Towers Litter in 2013:

GIP, SC SE*Tylökatten Sybil

IC SE*Tylökatten Basil

S*Tylökatten Manuel

SE*Tylökatten Major