SE*Tylökatten Onslow

Cream tipped, BSHes11

Born: 23 May 2019


Mother:  Cameo Rosalinda NoDemetra (LV)


Father:  S*Applecat Puscaz


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Judges comments on Onslow:
Ex  big, strong and cobby
Ex  broad head with excellent rounded scull and forehead
Ex  placed eyes
Ex  small ears set wide apart
Ex  dense, short double coat
Ex  short, very well shaped tail
Ex  top show condition

Very sweet and playful, lovely temperament !

Show resultats 2019:
5 shows, 5 Ex1, 2 NOM

Best youngster Brittringen

Onslow sadly became one cat too many after Theklas litter in 2020.  He now leads a very spoilt life with his own wonderful family in Gothenburg.