Grand International Champion

LaChungita's Celebre

Black Tipped, BSHns11

11 February 2011 - 9 April 2014

Mother: S*Esteticas Regina Rixie, BSHns11

Father:  LaChungita's Amado, BSHns11

Breeder:  Britt-Marie Karlsson

Pedigree, mark here!


"Pops" was our first black tipped Brit in the cattery.  She was a wonderfully funny and decisive cat.  She was very dominant too and never accepted the other cats.  We tried to replace her as a solo cat, but that was not successful either.  To our great grief she hastily died much too young from an allergic shock. 

Thank you Britt-Marie, for letting us buy this little angel!  And I am ever so grateful for the support you have always given me and so kindly still do.