Cameo Rosalinda no Demetra (LV)

Red Tipped, BSHds11
Born 23 March 2018

Breeder:  Irina Dementjeva, Latvia

Mother:  WC Cameo Faustina no Demetra


Father:  WC Cameo Tacitus no Demetra


Blood type A (not carrying b)
ALPS and PKD genetically free

HCM tested free 2019-03-06
Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Tritrichomonas tested free 2018-07-20, 2018-07-30
FeLV and FIV tested free 2019-07-23

Carries dilution, does not carry colourpoint or longhair genes

Judges comments on Rose:

Ex  developed baby, strong body on short legs

Ex  round and broad face with full muzzle

Ex  large round eyes, with dark copper colour

Ex  set ears

Ex  crispy coat with splendid silver 

Ex  short and thick tail

Ex  sweet baby with super temperament

Show results 2018:

3 shows, 3 Ex1, 1 NOM

Rose was a dream come true!  I had so long wanted a Cameo Brit and my luck was complete, getting one from NoDemetras splendid cattery in Riga.  Due to sad family matters in the autumn of 2019, I rapidly had to let go of some of my cats.  Rose moved to Denmark with her beautiful daughter SE*Tylökatten Daisy.

Thank you Irina, for this gorgeous Rose!

Rosalinda is the mother of The Keeping up Appearances Litter 2019:

SE*Tylökatten Hyacinth

SE*Tylökatten Daisy

SE*Tylökatten Onslow

SE*Tylökatten Richard