International Champion

Snow Ray Neferkitty (RU)

Black Tipped, BSHns11
Born 21 April 2013
Breeder:  Lydia Telkova, Russia

Mother:  Marcella of Snow Ray, BSHns11

Father:  Viva Vogue James Bond, BSHns11

Blood type A (not carrying b)
PKD geneticaly free Langford VS 2014-02-05

HCM tested free 2014-03-05, 2015-04-29, 2017-06-01
FeLV and FIV tested free 2014-03-05, 2015-04-29
Carrying diluted gene

Judges comments:

Ex  short body and legs, strong and wide chest
Ex  round head and profile, nose and chin
Ex  super round, super big, super green eyes
Ex  small, wide set ears
Ex  tipping
Ex  short and shaped tail
Ex  super condition

Super sweet - Promising beauty !

IC Snow Ray Neferkitty ("Russin")

comes from Russia.  She is a big heavily boned female who is very cuddly.  After two great litters she was retired from breeding and now lives with her Great Grandchild  SE*Tylökatten Manolito.

Thank you Lydia, for letting us have this Beauty!