SE*Tylökatten Tonja

Black Tipped, BSHns11
Born 11 August 2014

Mother:  IC Snow Ray Neferkitty (RU)


Father:  GIC Romarin vum Rousegaard*CH


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Foto:  Kicki Thenberg

Blood type A (carrying b)

PKD genetically free (Langford VS 2014-11-07)

FeLV, FIV and HCM tested free (Torkel Falk, Din Vet 2015-04-29)

Carrying diluted gene, not carrying chocolate, cinnamon, colourpoint or longhair genes

Judges comments:

Ex  strong built, massive and cobby
Ex  beautiful, round, feminine face with short nose
Ex  large, round, open, green eyes
Ex  small ears set well
Ex  dense and crispy coat with ex  tipping
Ex  short tail
Ex  condition

Beautiful - Charming !

Tonja is a small astonishing beauty who is very affectionate.  After her first litter, she got very intolerant with the other cats and is now living as a solo cat with Maria&Anders.

Tonja is the mother of The Fresh Prince in Bel Air Litter, 2016:

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SE*Tylökatten Will

SE*Tylökatten Carlton

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